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Avoid the stress of being a law student and whatever you do don't be late. Our Priority service enables students to jump the queue and have their questions answered today*^. You won't need to wait until there's a spare session. Book a session today and have your questions answered today. It's that simple.


Being a law student is exhausting work. Managing your studies, job, family, friends and other commitments often leaves insufficient time to get everything you want to be done completed.

We know precisely what you are going through. Each and every one of our law tutors has either completed or is completing a law degree. We empathise with your predicament.

Especially closer to assessment due dates and exam time when you're spending long hours reading and revising, law is exhausting. We can help when law is tiring you out.

Engage us to put you on the right track and ensure you’re reviewing the critical aspects of your course. We’ll assist you prioritising your work load and getting to the crux of an issue efficiently.

Don’t waste more time, contact us today.

Don't be LATE.

Law is a time-driven profession. The reality is studying to be a lawyer and being a lawyer will consist of deadline after deadline. So, don’t be late!

We can assist with your last-minute questions and queries by getting you on track sooner. We will assist you to plan what you need to do next in order to reach the deadlines you face.

Our Priority service will assist you meeting deadlines by enabling you to jump the queue and book a session with us when you need it.

We also offer same day review of your assessments, exam notes, tutorials questions and assessment plans.

So don’t miss any deadlines, contact us today.

Stress and anxiety.

The worst feeling as a law student is reading complex legislation and long judgements only to find that you just don’t understand. Often, what begins as frustration turns to into anxiety and stress as reality strikes that you just don’t get it.

Unfortunately, this all happens around, and is exacerbated by university deadlines.

We’ll assist reducing your stress levels by getting you back on track and identify for you the critical facts and issues. We’ll assist you by simply explaining laws and cases. We’ll also assist by providing you with a suggested plan on how to meet your deadline.

Private Law Tutor is your helping hand. All of our tutors have been there and done that, we’ve felt the stress and know how to deal with it.

The best thing that you can do is contact us as early as possible. If you’re feeling stressed about your studies, the quicker we become involved, the easier it will be for you.

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